Some more useful than others.

Name Description Tech Links
npm A small, simple, and completely self-contained password manager for POSIX systems. I use this myself. C, Monocypher Github, Git, Words
git-submodule-integrate Copy a git repository into another and preserve history. Shell script, git Github
wayclip A clipboard utility for Wayland. C, Wayland Github
aquos-proxy A web app for controlling Sharp AQUOS TVs using their remote control TCP protocol. Go, HTTP, Javascript Github Github
tlsrp A fork-on-connect TLS reverse proxy. C, libtls Github
sdl2man Convert pages from the old SDL wiki into man pages. (It almost certainly doesn't work on the new SDL wiki.) Python Github
scramble A scramble generator for Rubik's cubes. C Github

Games and Graphics

Mostly not useful.

Name Description Tech Links
smallpond A language and system for animating music notation. C, Lua, Cairo, ffmpeg Demo
Super Heist A top-down puzzle RPG written in collaboration with Ashwin Hingwe and Shannon Scofield for CS 329E Elements of Game Development Javascript, Phaser CE Play
Soundpong Balls bouncing off of drawable lines as a musical instrument. A clone of an old iOS app now lost to history. Runs in a web browser using emscripten, as well as natively C, SDL, Fluidsynth Play Github
qlocksh A QlockTwo clone written in POSIX shell POSIX shell Github
Snake Snake C, SDL Github


A proof-of-concept Linux system for the Pinephone, based on oasis.

Name Description Tech Links
oasis The package repository for this project ninja, lua Source
svkbd A port of svkbd to the suckless wld primitive drawing library, and a client implementation of the input-method protocol C, xkb, Wayland Source
atd A daemon for communicating with the Pinephone modem using the AT command interface. C, Quectel AT command set Source
mowc An swc based wayland compositor and UI for the Pinephone C, Wayland Source
swc An swc branch modified to make it usable on the Pinephone C, Wayland, DRM Source
st st branch with input-method protocol support C, Wayland Source


Name Description Tech Links
MobiusChess A Java library for a chess variant, with an Android frontend Java, Android Github
PianoLockScreen A lockscreen that lets you unlock your phone using a piano keyboard Java, Android Github